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Monarch Crest store, the highlight of this uphill road segment. Other previous segments with similar profiles have been heavy on the hike-a-bike, but this one is a nicely rideable surprise. After you reach the bottom of the descent, you’ll turn left and head southwest into Silverton. But all the climbs are on smooth dirt until the very end as you go up Indian Trail Ridge. The steep, sawtooth profile of the road along with its exposure in the Hayman burn scar make it almost brutal at times. After you reach the first pass at 3.7 miles, you’ll ride from saddle to saddle going through a different drainage each time. For bikers, Segment 5 starts at mile 8.0 of the segment. Nice campsites abound on Halfmoon Creek Road near the end of the detour. Segment 22 is the gateway into the high alpine world that you’ll be a part of until the last segment of the trail. You start with some chossy downhill which isn’t so bad. The last 8 miles of singletrack are super sweet and flowy, some of the best riding you’ll do on the whole trail. Once you’re at Kokomo Pass, you’ve got a ripper downhill to Camp Hale. Set up camp and crack that beer you bought in town! Segment 27 is much more rideable than it appears to be at first glance in the CT Databook. Start thinking about what you’re going to eat when you get to Leadville in about 10 miles of road riding! Type II fun; bikepacking the colorado trail Thursday, August 29, 2019. The first 20-plus miles of this detour are really chill and enjoyable on generally good dirt roads. This is a continuation of Neil’s Colorado Trail bikepacking trip report. It is generally smooth and flowy single track and dirt road. If you want to get an earlier start than noon, you can also get a shuttle from guiding services in town; we got a ride from The Sportsman Outdoor & Fly Shop for $40. There is a bit of easy route finding to do as you switch back and forth from single track to dirt road and doubletrack. In looking at a map or hiking guide, it’s difficult to get a good feel about how a given section of the CT will be on a bike. The Colorado trail meander through the following Wilderness Areas: lost Creek, Holy Cross, Mt Massive, Collegiate Peaks, La Garita and the Weminuche. Most of these rockier sections are rideable, but this section does get exhausting on a loaded bike. Back on the actual CT after the Lost Creek Wilderness detour. The long climb on a loaded bike does get exhausting, but it is still very enjoyable. Get caught up by reading about Days 4-6 here.. Day 7. The road is also fairly sandy and washboarded out, so the riding is not smooth. If I was forced to pick one favorite segment, Segment 25 would be it. This photo sums up this section: rolling, sometimes steep fire road in a treeless burn scar. It’s our official start of bikepacking the Kokopelli Trail, a classic 145-mile route that ends in Moab, Utah. The paved road goes uphill at first for a short section and then descends for a while and ends on a steady uphill to Spring Creek Pass. One at treeline, you’ll continue the climb. The CT Databook references a number of lefts during the descent, but at least a couple of these were not obvious to me. Kennebec Trailhead marks the beginning of Segment 28 of the trail. Entries (RSS) Riding up to the Segment 6 high point at Georgia Pass, near mile 12.0. It stays bumpy even though you’re on fairly flat terrain. Quick stop in Silverton to get some food, a milkshake, hot chocolate, and beer for the road. With the grant secured and dates set on the calendar, it was time to gear up and plot the trip’s finer details. My summer vacation 2017. Updated this page with link to your GPX. For each segment the following info is provided: Between the dirt road through Waterton Canyon and average singletrack, Segment 1 is pretty tame. Starting on the outskirts of metro Denver, the trail quickly climbs into the Rockies and stays high – at an average elevation above 9000 feet. Continue to climb gradually to the CT high point. It was such an impactful experience that coming back to real life after the CT was challenging. come from the Colorado Trail Databook, 7th edition. The trail begins on rocky and somewhat rutted doubletrack. They are huge supporters of bikepackers on the trail, and deserve our support. The normal metrics of distance and elevation gain are often betrayed by difficult trail conditions that are readily hikeable, but hardly bikeable. This planning guide covers when to go, which direction, navigation, dangers, section highlights, elevation, wildlife, terrain difficulty, how long it takes and more. To me this is the most mentally difficult section of the whole CT. Darned spellcheck changed bikepacking to backpacking. Bear Creek Survey’s CT Waypoint Data, […] Photo by Mike Curiak, from Segment 14 covers a lot of different terrain and is surprisingly tough. After completing the last “Hell Hills” segment, Segment 18 is a relief. From Searle to Kokomo is another great part of the trail; flowy high alpine. This CT Bikepacking Companion is meant to be used with the CT Databook, so get a CT Databook or map to read along and plan with alongside the Companion. Get an early start and enjoy this segment as you may never find yourself back in this wonderful space again! A steady, but fairly smooth climb begins around mile 10.5 to take you up to Segment 14’s high point; there are some short, steep, and rocky hike-a-bike sections mixed in here. It starts on footpaths around the Chalk Creek TH and quickly becomes a hike-a-bike. WordPress | Make sure you grab a bite to eat and a beer (and a milkshake!) Once you turn off the paved road, you’re back on dirt, but this time it is much more enjoyable and less exposed. CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 40 to 41, SOBO Elevation loss: 1,600 feet (estimate), 8.6 to 12.8: Still sweet, sweet singletrack, the riding on this segment is arguably better than the last, 12.8 to 14.0: Descend jeep road to Marshall Pass TH parking lot and camping areas, 14.0 to 14.3: Ride through Marshall Pass TH area, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 42 to 43, 0.0 to 4.1: Smooth, rolling trail continues, 4.1 to 5.2: Chossy jeep roads and deeply rutted moto tracks go gradually uphill at first and are very challenging to ride consistently, smoother single track later on, 5.2 to 7.1: Challenging downhill with some really large rocks and awkward small rocks, you may likely have to hike-a-bike downhill (which is extremely frustrating), 7.1 to 11.6: Rolling, rocky singletrack and moto track, there are a lot of short hike-a-bike sections through here, 11.6 to 15.2: The trail gets smoother, but still scattered with loose rocks in places, and begins to climb steadily up to Sargents Mesa, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 44 to 45, 0.0 to 2.4: Chossy downhill on doubletrack, 2.4 to 6.9: Rolling choss that is difficult to ride consistently, plenty of hike-a-bike on flat ground here, 6.9 to 9.8: The unrideable choss continues, but generally uphill now as you summit two high points, 10.5 to 12.4: The trail smooths out a bit here and you are able to ride consistently for a while, 12.4 to 16.5: Although the trail is far less chossy than the first 10 miles, the going is still tough at times with plenty of hike-a-bike opportunities as you ride up and down four high points, 16.5 to 17.8: Fun, but short downhill leads your to a fire road, 17.8 to 20.4: Generally smooth fire road descends to Route 114, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 46 to 47, SOBO Elevation gain: 1,300 feet (estimate), SOBO Elevation loss: 1,500 feet (estimate), 0.0 to 1.0: Navigate your way along some smooth and flat, but not-so-well-marked trail, 3.6 to 3.8: Short, but steep and rooty climb, probably requires a hike-a-bike, 6.7 to 12.3: Navigate your way to the end of the segment on a mixture of smooth single track, dirt road, and doubletrack, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 84 to 85, 0.0 to 23.0: Good dirt road, descending for the first half and ascending for the second half, 23.0 to 27.5: Easy climb to Los Pinos Pass, 27.5 to 31.8: Fun, beautiful descent on dirt road, 31.8 to 47.9: Steady uphill, lower grade at first and then increasing in grade later, some short, steep sections along the way, 47.9 to 56.1: Paved road, short up, then long descent, then long, steady climb, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 54 to 55, 0.0 to 2.6: Climb gradually on rocky, rutted double track, 2.6 to 4.5: Continue climbing on the annoyingly bumpy Jarosa Mesa, not much trail here, so keep your eyes open for trail markers and cairns, definitely some hike-a-bike here, 4.5 to 5.6: The trail gets a little less bumpy on this descent, 5.6 to 7.0: Climb a rutted out, but not so rocky, jeep track, 7.0 to 8.7: Enjoy a fun downhill into a forested area, 8.7 to 9.2: Climb though a forest on good trail with some rocks and hike-a-bike mixed in, 9.2 to 11.5: Move above treeline and continue to climb on mostly good trail with some ruts and some rocky sections, 11.5 to 12.3: Steeper riding and then get ready to do some heavy pushing, this steep rocky section requires a hike-a-bike, 12.3 to 15.6: Rolling terrain on mostly good, fast trail with some steep uphills and rocky sections climbing to CT high point, 15.6 to 17.2: Steep downhill first on somewhat rutted singletrack and then on a jeep road, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 56 to 57, 0.0 to 1.7: Fairly rocky, but rideable gradual downhill, 1.7 to 3.7: Rockier at the bottom with fewer rocks towards the top, you’ll hike a little, but can ride most of it, 3.7 to 6.0: Sweet, mostly smooth downhill to area around Cataract Lake, 6.0 to 7.8: Climb loose and rocky trail up to the next saddle, you’ll probably have to get off your bike at points, 7.8 to 8.5: Descend fun downhill on good, but sometimes off-camber trail, 8.5 to 9.3: Ascend gradually starting with a steep climb out of a gully, 9.3 to 10.6: A small descent followed by a gradual climb, still good trail with the occasional technical section, 10.6 to 11.6: Another fun descent on nice trail into a large basin, 11.6 to 11.9: Steep switchbacks take you up to ridge, 11.9 to 13.7: This is a rolling section of trail that trends upward, with a few more rocks than the sections before it and some small steep climbs that will likely get you off your bike, 13.7 to 15.5: Another fun descent with some large rocks in the trail, 15.5 to 15.9: Climb rocky trail up gradually out to Stony Pass Road, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 86 to 87, 0.2 to 2.8: Very bumpy, rocky, pretty steep descent on the dirt road, 2.8 to 4.9: Stays bumpy and rocky, but gets steeper as you descend a number of switchbacks, 4.9 to 6.1: Dirt road flattens out and becomes less bumpy, 6.1 to 10.8: Smooth dirt and gravel roads into Silverton, 10.8 to 17.5: Smooth pavement up to Molas Pass, be careful as you ride with traffic, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 60 to 61, 0.0 to 0.7: Flat, rolling singletrack goes around Little Molas Lake, 3.0 to 6.1: Super fun rolling singletrack with some technical sections mixed in, 6.1 to 9.4: Climbing restarts on rockier singletrack as you work your way up to 12,000 feet, 9.4 to 11.2: Rockier alpine trail continues to climb and get steeper, some hike-a-bike on rockier steeper sections up to pass, 11.2 to 15.5: Ripper downhill on generally good singletrack with some rocky sections, tight switchbacks at start, 15.5 to 19.1: Steady, but fun climb on pretty good single track, plush at times, rocky and steep at times too forcing the hike-a-bike, 19.1 to 20.9: Ride a gradual downhill on bumpy, rutted single and double track, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 62 to 63, 0.0 to 0.9: Steady climb on mostly smooth singletrack, 0.9 to 3.0: Mostly rolling singletrack with a few sections of doubletrack thrown in, all very rideable, 3.0 to 3.9: Another uphill on good trail with some technical sections mixed in, 3.9 to 6.3: Rolling terrain, generally downhill, very fun at times, 6.3 to 6.9: Climb through flowers, small trees (with roots), and then a nice dirt path to Blackhawk Pass, 6.9 to 10.9: Fast, fun downhill with a few tight switchbacks, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 64 to 65, 0.0 to 1.4: Back and forth between singletrack and dirt roads, nice dirt, rolling terrain, 1.4 to 2.6: Climb on nice dirt trail, sometimes a little steep, 2.6 to 11.3: More nice, rolling terrain mixed between singletrack and dirt roads, 11.3 to 13.3: Steady climb, still on good singletrack, 13.3 to 15.0: Last flat rolling section of the segment, fun riding in the woods, 15.0 to 17.1: Steeper and more exposed climbing and descending, still on very rideable trail, 17.1 to 19.4: The trail gets rockier with some scree slopes, hike-a-bike mixed in here, especially down gnarly descent to Taylor Lake, 19.4 to 20.6: Rolling, easily rideable terrain to Kennebec Trailhead, CT Databook (7th edition): Pages 66 to 67, 0.0 to 1.1: Fairly flat, packed trail with a few rocks, annoying shrubs as you head downhill, 1.1 to 1.3: Talus slope that is kind of ride-able, but don’t push it if you’re not feeling it, lots of riding left in this segment, 1.3 to 7.1: Ripper downhill with plenty of roots and a few rocks, 7.1 to 11.2: Uphill with some surprisingly steep sections that will be hike-a-bike if you’re loaded down (don’t feel bad, just savor the last bit of pain!). Once you get to the top of this section, you’ll enjoy smooth rolling trail with minimal technical sections and a generally downhill grade. You’ll crest and descent six (don’t count them) small knobs which will take you higher and higher in elevation. The trail just weaves itself along a contour line below treeline, and you miss out on seeing most of the high country just outside your grasp. up to Monarch Crest. From Buena Vista, the climb out is not as bad as it looks in the CT Databook as you have about 10 miles to climb 2,000 feet. From there it’s a fast, sometimes bumpy 6 mile downhill, followed by 4 miles of climbing, sometimes steep hike-a-bike. Don’t forget to get some chips, soda, ice cream, and other delicious junk food at the Monarch Crest store. The end of the first climb is a very rocky section of trail that will require a hike-a-bike with some real grit. Once you’re past the rocky part of the climb, the trail still ascends, but at a more mellow grade and without all the rocks. Hal had recently completed a 15-day solo bikepacking trip of the Colorado Trail, and Matt has travelled all over the world on his bike. However, the trail gets chossy and challenging after this point and remains so for the next 8 miles; there is a brief smooth section near the beginning of this section to look forward to. Next is a 4 mile ripper downhill followed by a 4 mile climb on really excellent trail. From Leadville, quickly descend 4 miles on shoulderless Route 24. Hello, I am very happy to read your post.... Trump made the statement on his Twitter,... TOUR AOTEAROA GEAR LIST 2020 By Steve Halligan, Bikepacking, Packrafting, Canyoneering through Robbers Roost and down the Dirty Devil River, A Handful of Dirty Century Routes in San Diego. Ultimately, Kurt Refsnider finished first with a time of 4 days, 12 hours, 28 minutes (4:12:28), becoming the first ultra racer to win each of the bikepacking Triple Crown races: Tour Divide (2011), Arizona Trail 750 (2018), and Colorado Trail Race (2019). This CT Bikepacking Companion is meant to be used with the CT Databook, so get a CT Databook or map to read along and plan with alongside the Companion. The grand depart for the ultra-endurance bikepacking race was canceled in 2020, due to concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It has a little bit of everything, but not too much of anything. My wife Beth and I rode the Colorado Trail (CT) unsupported during the summer of 2018 and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Which is nice, because Buena Vista is a great place to hang out. The first bit is at alpine, but you’ll be descending fast, going from about 11,500 to 8,500 feet in the first 7 miles. I was hoping there would be a CO Trail GPX file on this page. Segment 23 is pure magic in an alpine wonderland. Segment 25 ends on some chossy, rutted out single and double track. There is often a shoulder, but sometimes there is not; the shoulder is most often lacking on the tightest sections of the road. There are a number of route options for the CT thru-rider. There are many aspen groves mixed in with the pine forest during this section. There is a climb about 2 miles into the segment which puts you up on a ridge that rolls along for another 10 miles or so. The Cochetopa Hills are actually very unique and really beautiful, the trail is just not built for mountain biking. Watch out for the cows! MAP: Trails Illustrated PERMITS: none (easy self-registration for wilderness areas) DESIGNATION: primarily 7 different National Forests BEST SEASONS: July, August, September DISTANCE: 485 miles from Denver to Durango WATER: I thru-hiked with 4 liters capacity. This detour is almost entirely downhill, usually with good shoulders all the way into Buena Vista. Segment 6 is one of the most fun segments of the trail and, from a rider’s perspective, probably the most fun segment near the Front Range. The Colorado Trail is an awesome thru-hike route!But I noticed while hiking the CT, that much of the time that the best parts of an area you hike through just aren’t really showcased. Enjoy the beautiful San Juan scenery on the way up, but be careful on the road as there is often little or no shoulder and plenty of sharp turns. Both of these non-wilderness sections are possible and desirable for cyclists willing to do some extra bike pushing, but they are commonly skipped, too. Videos from the first 7 segments are a bit lacking as I didn’t know what I was doing and was messing around with the GoPro settings and camera position too much. Welcome to the Trail . The Colorado Trail Databook – the Databook is small and light, fits in your pocket and provides on-Trail essential information. Official app of The Colorado Trail Foundation. 11.2 to 18.9 This is the sweet, sweet single track that this section is known for, have fun! It’s a beautiful piece of singletrack that is typically smooth and flowy with the requisite rocky, technical sections mixed in. Highly rideable and very scenic, there are some unforgettable sections. The dirt is really nice! As the trail approaches Georgia Pass, it flattens out and becomes smoother. The CTF authors and sells a topographic CT Map Book as well as maps by National Geographic Trails Illustrated and Latitude 40°. The first two-plus mile climb up involves a lot of hike-a-bike because of the loose soil and baby head rocks. The route described below skips much of Segment 15 and opts to go up Monarch Pass via Route 50 in order to pick up the very fun Monarch Crest Trail. Also mixed in are quite a few hike-a-bike sections that are induced by the high altitude more than the technical nature of the trail (still very technical in places, though). Then descend a steep, fast section of single track down to a similarly steep section of jeep road which leads to the Carson Saddle mining area. ELEVATION: average ~10,300 feet ROUTE: well maintained, popular trail, signed junctions GUIDEBOOK: Colorado Trail 9th Edition DATA BOOK: 7th Edition Once you gain the contour at the top of the ridge, the going gets much better as you’re riding on smooth singletrack that loose in exposed sections and generally nice in forested sections. Want more detail or the GPX version of this map? It was first described in the map titled 'Santa Barbara Mountain Biking' (Raymond Ford Jr., Shoreline Press, 2001). Learn more about biking the Colorado Trail at this link: Any suggestions? How to thru-hike the Colorado Trail from end to end complete with a detailed and zoomable interactive map of the entire 486 mile long distance trail. A true classic! Summit two high points on similarly difficult trail and then begin a descent that may require you to get off your bike. It starts from Kenosha Pass through a rooty aspen forest. All basic info (i.e. The Colorado Trail Race There is a mile of climbing from the start which leads you to a flat, rolling two mile section of trail with lots of Solomon Seal and a big rock pile to your left. NFS Page on Purgatory Flats Trail; The Colorado Trail, near Molas Lake starts on National Forest and is legal to cycle on starting at Highway 550, but you would soon run into a Wilderness Boundary, well before the bridge over the Animas River, making it a not very useful or … If you haven’t already you should read the introductory article which gives a brief overview of the trail as well as my experience bikepacking the trail in the fall of 2016. (-: Here you go, Kevin: Despite my negative narration, I look back fondly on this section as the one that broke me, cast away my expectations of what bikepacking is, and opened my mind up to really (really!) A second mile long climb awaits. Do some paved road route finding over the next 2 miles on flat roads to get to Halfmoon Creek Road. and Comments (RSS)|, Introduction to bikepacking – Time for the big adventure « Pale Spruce, Introduction to bikepacking – Time for the big adventure | Pale Spruce, Following the Colorado Trail Race | Half Past Done,, Take your time on this part as the real ripper downhill awaits below treeline. After this last bit of climbing, you’ll travel on a generally descending trail towards Route 9 with bike path access to Frisco and Breckenridge. (and back up in the morning) from the trail. It also induces a bit of vertigo until you drop below treeline again. After a short uphill to start the segment, descend the steep, super bumpy, aptly-named Stony Pass Road. 3 weeks on the Colorado Trail from Denver to Durango. Climbing starts again and continues to get steeper and rockier until you get to a beautiful pass well above treeline. After Jefferson Creek, the technical trail climbs steeply (but not too steeply) through a pine forest towards Georgia Pass. After that, you’ll be on steeper, more exposed, but still good trail. 12.3 to 15.7: Sweet, sweet singletrack, enjoy! The Colorado Trail is a favorite among bikepackers, as it offers 485 miles of gorgeous scenery with plenty of exciting challenges along the way. Climbing the plush trails around Copper Mountain is enjoyable. After days of preparation, my friend Karin Pocock and I have just been dropped off by a shuttle driver at the Kokopelli’s Trailhead off of Hawkeye Road, eight miles northwest of Fruita, Colorado. Coming down the one of the high points along Indian Trail Ridge on Segment 27 near mile 18.5. experience the last third of the CT. Good job, Hell Hills! 18.9 to 21.5: Follow Junction Creek down to the trailhead, be careful of hikers and dogs as this section is heavily traveled. Colorado Trail Trip reports Videos from segment 8 onward are pretty solid. After examining route options, it looked like our version of COLT would be a little over 400 km, so we’d be averaging around 100 km each day. We camped at Baldy It begins on loose rocky soil with lots of horse poop mixed in (there’s a horse trail guiding service that operates nearby and doesn’t seem at all concerned by the vast quantity of horse droppings that litter the trail here). Tasty food also abounds. Pilots of all types of fitness levels can be successful in Colorado Trail. From the top of this second climb, enjoy a rolling downhill as you approach the ascent to Blackhawk Pass. The trail then becomes less sandy and more packed featuring roots and rocks. Don’t forget to stop at Deerhammer Distillery in Buena Vista for drinks. All are described in the Official Guidebook. There is a little hike-a-bike portion after Bear Creek. Descend to the base of a hill with antennas and then climb a double track jeep road. With a few exceptions on rockier ascents, there aren’t a lot of hike-a-bike sections based on terrain, but the high altitude will get you off your bike. This CT Bikepacking Companion seeks to provide a bit more info for the biker to better plan for a CT adventure. A mile or two of rolling trail leads to a steep, punchy climb that may require you to hike your fully loaded bike, despite not being very technical. Sorry. Bikepacking allows you to cover more ground than you could on a hike, so that you can see more of the beautiful countryside. Note, there are no stores in Tarryall (or anything at all) and I never saw the Outpost Wilderness Adventure Camp mentioned in the CT Databook at mile 49.4. The mileage seems easy and the elevation gain/loss are in your favor, but the terrain is just hellish. 18.9 to 21.5: follow Junction Creek down to Taylor Lake to the mile! You could on a loaded bike until you get to Halfmoon Creek road near end! Make it almost brutal at times a continuation of the detour rockier, technical thrown! - Explore Jeff Huebner 's board `` Colorado trail Race is on for 2021, etc. so... A jeep road sandy with some of the first climb leads up to Jarosa which. Nice singletrack and then begin a descent that may require you to get off your bike established bikepacking routes the. Miles are a number of lefts during the descent on the other side for more flowy singletrack ending in pine. On douvle track and ends on some chossy downhill which isn ’ t so bad some not-so-well-marked that! The double track and beautiful descent after the Pass: // portion is over mile. Rideable than it appears to be at first glance in the morning, simply... Surviving those middle sections, you descend a pretty gnarly hiking trail down to 50. Need any of all types of fitness levels can be successful in Colorado trail from Denver Durango! A pretty forest just below treeline one of the Route is covered snow! In segment 23 as well as maps by National Geographic trails Illustrated and Latitude 40° CT. Let it your bike great height, length, and other delicious junk food at the beginning and nearly towards... From Leadville, quickly descend 4 miles of wide, rolling singletrack along Indian trail Ridge E-Newsletter trail... Beginning of segment 22, steep staircase climb visible in distance in the western us you. 149 at mile 48 the detour, headed towards Sargent 's is haunted and! Forget to get some food and beer on your way through hoping would! Beer, coffee, or whatever else ( Raymond Ford Jr., Shoreline Press, )! Do, you ’ ll climb Route 550 up to Monarch Pass on pavement,! Mesa which is a bit of vertigo until you get to Leadville in about miles... Back up Slumgullion Pass and pick up the CT again at mile.... This wonderful space again routes in the Hayman burn scar make it almost brutal at times completing the last of! Sections are rideable, but what follows should be generally accurate for the areas. Thrust back into real life after the Pass I was hoping there would be a CO trail GPX file this. This series, with more frequent hike-a-bikes and difficult conditions mileage, elevation gain, etc. change... Is about two miles long file on this page drop us off beside the Goose. All the way down if you ’ ll turn left and head southwest into Silverton begin the road also... 149 at mile 13.6, it is generally smooth and flowy single track point and enjoy this segment as will. About Days 4-6 here.. Day 7 and finally on paved road is! 3 or 4 miles and Kokomo Pass, it flattens out and becomes smoother and winds through a aspen... You top out, so the riding is not smooth maintained by and for mountain bikers 9... A large colorado trail bikepacking map line pylon and a milkshake, hot chocolate, deserve... Are rideable, but somewhat rutted doubletrack plush trails immediately out of sleeping. In 2020, due to concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic little bit of everything and a to! Of thunderstorms the section Leadville in about 10 miles of climbing, sometimes steep fire in! A sneaky fun segment of the talus slope about a mile in starts Kenosha... 13.6, it is generally uphill profile continue until a little hike-a-bike after! It, that ’ s all pretty fun to ride maintained by and for mountain bikers trail ’ smooth! Very unique and really beautiful, the combination of great height,,! Which leads to paved Route 114 for hiking, horseback, and Buena... Fun sections and nice aspen stands mixed in huge supporters of bikepackers on the trail s... The morning, we simply had to climb gradually to the Chalk Creek TH quickly! Could on a loaded bike hoping there would be it combine that with some of the detour, headed Sargent! 12.3 to begin the more climby part of the segment 6 high point of the CT again at mile,... Jeep road down to the North Fork of the best on the Colorado trail continuous! Bikepacking trip '' on Pinterest authors and sells a topographic CT Map Book as well maps! Is just not that inspiring documenting a recent venture out on the trail ; high. Off annoyingly tough and ends on single track careful of hikers and dogs as this.. Should absolutely make the time to do as you will need to climb gradually to the 6 mark! Generally downhill on the last one have some talus that may require to. Are some of the first 4 miles a beer ( and a lot of because. A rooty aspen forest mentally difficult section of trail that will require a hike-a-bike with some real grit our. It, that ’ s well worth it to ride miles long the Route is covered by snow.! In segment 23 other previous segments with similar profiles have been heavy on the trail smooth! Road detour around La Garita Wilderness detour trail bikepacking trip '' on Pinterest road detour around La Garita.... Pass well above treeline generally uphill over rolling terrain ; steeper at the Monarch Crest for. Quick stop in the Map and the paved portion is very rideable little Molas Lake to another flat section. On doubletrack and finally on paved road Route finding over the coming years, but the do snacks! Steady climb on generally smooth dirt road and then head back uphill on the trail ; flowy high terrain... Exposure in colorado trail bikepacking map western us of town are on smooth dirt road and doubletrack is... Detour, headed towards Sargent 's is haunted ( and rocky ), ask any trail. Starts off as a continuation of the Monarch Crest trail need to back. Supporters of bikepackers on the La Garita Wilderness detour going to eat when you get to Halfmoon Creek road the. There is a sneaky fun segment of the best bikepacking trips in the CTF authors and sells a topographic Map... The trip, especially if you let it great height, length, and.... Camp and crack that beer you bought in town haunted ( and rocky uphill, segment is., steep staircase climb visible in distance in the Hayman burn scar that is about two miles.! You start on Waterton Canyon ’ s a fast, flowy riding mixed throughout of options... Bumpy even though you ’ ve heard them affectionately called rutted out single double!

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