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Atomic Cowboy Pavilion | 21+ unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. For more on Garcia’s equipment and guitar history, see: These guitars were never played onstage, but were spotted in Garcia’s hands at one time. It's a photo of a photo, so it's blurry; I don't know the source so if someone has a clearer copy I can replace it. For some time, the Guild Starfire III was seen on many stages, often accompanied by Guild bass guitars. With the addition of dual DeArmond Dynasonic pickups — single coil pickups firs Show More On the other hand, Mike Wald's site simply has it as a 1955 Strat: I don't know which is correct. AXE HEAVEN® Miniature Replica Guitars Make Great Gifts -- Especially for a Dead Head! Instrument maker Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & Casady's Starfire basses. I also didn't know Alligator had the effects loop; for one thing, Jerry wasn't using much in the way of effects yet - mainly just a wah wah pedal, but the article refers to the cavity below the bridge for the loop's electronics.. Also don't know of a second output on Alligator. Fixed, thanks! Again Blair Jackson could not provide any details as to why it vanished. Of course I'm not an expert and I don't pretend to understand the technical stuff but I have been listening to and enjoying the great sound these instruments for years. Doors 6pm // Show 8pm* $12 adv / $15 Day Of Skip the service fee! I'm thinking Jer had the finish removed and re-finished with the natural look Alligator is more well known for. Known to be played on 11/18/72, 11/19/72, 11/22/72, 11/23/72, 12/10-12/72 (only on two of the nights, but Alligator was also played), and 5/13/73. He played that instrument for several years and used it on the band's early recordings. "12/15/73 Telecaster was likely the 1953 that is at Weir’s studio.Travis Bean guitars-Jerry had 2 TB1000As and two TB500’s.11/17/78 is a Guild D-25Takamine-Jerry had three, basically F360S (non-cutaway) used for 1980 acoustic sets and early 1982 G&KF360C (cutaway, light wood, "Martin" headstock) used from late summer 82 to mid -856/28/82 non-cutaway: cutaway: EF360SC 1983 or ’84 with Martin"/"lawsuit" headstock-Played 1983-1985Takamine 1985 EF360SC, Serial #84111605-Made in Japan.-Played from about 1985 until 1988.Stage sightings:1/31/8610/87 Lunt Fontanne Theater, NY 12/3/8712/17/87 Warfield Theater SF 1988 Bridge School Benefit Takamine EF360S with Martin-like headstock (late 70's/'80)Stage sightings:10/9/80-10/25/80 Radio City Music Hall 4/13/82 David Letterman Show5/31/83 Beverly Theater[1] 6/5/85 and 6/6/82Modulus-he had twoblacknife w/bloodwood pre 1985blacknife “sometime in the 1990’s”Gibson ES-335 featuring black inlays was Hidalgo’s guitar.Jerry is also seen in a photo playing Gibson ES-175 with Bigsby vibrola.Fender Jazzmaster was Elvis Costello’s guitar. Grateful Dead - The Omni - 03/... experienced 16 minutes ago. As others have said. Curly Headed Jim bought it, brought it over to me and said "Do you want to buy it?" Lots of info and pics on some of Jerry's '70s guitars here: The actual waldotronics site seems to be down now, but the Instagram posts are full of details. My good GOD. Loved the 'Dracula's heart" Thanks and Praises For sharing this!!! "This might be unlikely. You can see him using it in the Warfield Theater in San Francisco, in Squaw Valley in California, in all kinds of venues.Played at Sweetwater, Mill Valley, CA on 12/17/90GY-2-Designed by Jerry, played on 12/23/91, Le Club Front, San Rafael.Fender pedal steel- Banana doesn’t know anything about it.Zane Beck D-10-The Garcia Zane Beck, the 9th one made in Bakersfield by Zane (and Tom, I suppose), has black pickups and black fingerboards. (This guitar, and the Erlewine Strat, are two that I tried getting more information from Blair Jackson about.). When he tracked down his birth father, who was an air force officer, the father had another son who had died shortly before the meeting. By 1955 they had gone to a stop tailpiece and tune-o-matic bridge. The guitar he played at their shows was a Guild Starfire. Thank God i was a part of this " Kind" of our history!! Where d'you get it?" the Top Hat has an extra large volute at the neck brea, Guitar Cable Capacitance and Resonant Frequency, The Grateful Dead - Jerry Garcia's Guitars, George Harrison's Gibson SG Sells At Auction. Get all your favorite spirits and wines at Duty Free Depot!All the popular brand name beverages for unbeatable discounted prices. Fixed. I wonder if there are any photos of the band on that tour showing Jerry playing either the black Les Paul or the Goldtop Les Paul. It does look like an all-white Strat to me, though the bright stage lighting could be deceiving. Robert Hilburn of the LA Times also said there were electric & acoustic sets, and noted that Garcia sang 'It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry. Buddy Guy, Lightening Hopkins, and the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia all knew a thing or two about guitar tone and all favoured a Starfire V at some point in their career. Jerry Garcia was an American musician best known for playing guitar, singing and songwriting in the band the Grateful Dead. He also had a brass nut put on.I'm sure there are other details that don't necessarily turn up with photos, he was an inveterate tinkerer, and also liked to replace or change the pickups as he thought the magnets got worn out. All the sources say that the original pre-modified guitar had the swamp-ash body: # 2.972.923 Posts: 1208 Joined: Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:01 pm Location: Bremen, Germany. But there's no photo of him with a black Les Paul in those months. 5/29/67 - 10/31/67 . But, I nice pick by Jim Marshall. Other format: LP Record Run For The Roses (Lp) by GARCIA,JERRY. The son had left behind a broken Telecaster which Weir took to the Dead's guitar guy for repairs, liked the sound and played it for a long time. Now that guitar is easy to identify because it had the dark stained top and the dy88 style headstock with no tree of life inlay.”GY-1 1990-“It’s unique, in that it has a graphite composite neck and a peghead shape,” he continued. Garcia had two of these cutaway models, one with light wood and a Martin headstock used from late summer '82 to early '85. And I said "Well, Curly Headed Jim sold it to me." not our dear Jerome though. John Mayer is playing a new, custom PRS spec'ed just for the tour. It does not seem to be David Nelson's or Bob Weir's, so it's possible Garcia used the Fender specifically to play in acoustic sets. One 1970 showgoer says that when Garcia played New Speedway Boogie in the acoustic sets, he'd use a Telecaster (perhaps the same one he's said to have used in Workingman's Dead sessions). Yes, there is some photo evidence... Jerry is seen with the Goldtop on 1/20/68, 1/26(or27)/68, 2/15/68, 2/17/68, and 3/3/68. It may be the Strat he'd been using the past few months. One interesting piece is an interview in the September '76 issue of Musician magazine, where Jerry talks a lot about the Travis Beans and his current setup. Lightning Bolt was made by Stephen Cripe, and was the first guitar he built for Garcia, prior to "Top Hat" (which was ordered in 1995 and never made it to the stage). The Alligator sticker is added by June '72: ’56 Sunburst Fender Stratocaster (the “Veneta Strat”). However when you think of old Marshall and Fender amps, this feature did not exist. Regardless of the model, it's certainly not stock. Reply if you want more detail and list a contact plzPHILIPPE a long-time Deadhead. The Gibson used on 8/14/71 is a 1971 Les Paul Deluxe. With the Warlocks, Garcia played a stock circa-1964/’65 cherry-red Guild Starfire III with a thinline single-cutaway body, a pair of Guild humbucking pickups, and a Bigsby B-6 vibrato. Rosebud and Tiger were both played at the last show, 7/9/95. I'd like it to be known that this ^^ "Unknown" is not me. One of Jerry's Modulus guitars can be seen here: the black MIDI Strat was only used in 1989 prior to the Wolf breakout at the end of September. Perhaps somebody could fill in this blank, but I believe he told me that Rock and Jerry lived in side by side townhouses at the time so he saw a lot of Jerry. National Tricone steel guitar (jam at 710 Ashbury), It was Pigpen's. There was a second Starfire III, a 1964-’65, after the first one got broke at the Trips Festival.Epiphone Texan 1958-’66 “By August '67 he's added a Bigsby tremolo”:Gibson Les Paul 1957 black non-vibrato-bought at Draper’s on 5/27/67.Gibson Les Paul 1957 black with Bigsby vibrato -bought from Mike McKenna during the Cafe A Go Go shows 6/1-10/67.’59 Les Paul was hand painted by Jerry. Interesting to see that he was 'activating' his pickups by use of a preamp/buffer in the guitar.The effect of a long guitar cable on a weak passive guitar signal is due to capacitance and described here:Guitar Cable Capacitance and Resonant FrequencyCheers,Marc. Do you have a blog about notable bustout song dates? It got dented when it fell off Jorma's motorcycle. Audio CD CDN$ 32.77 CDN$ 32. Oh, BTW, Bob's brother's Tele became one of his favorite performing guitars and he used it all the time until it was STOLEN from a gig in the late '2000's! I also found an article regarding the P90 in Irwin's Tiger, but after re-reading Irwin's description of Tiger I removed that sentence. From 1965 to 1967, Jerry Garcia played a red SFIII. Whoops! Ain't nobody got time. Namaste.David.S Victoria B.C. This referred to the guitar Garcia was spotted playing on 9/24/67. Has anyone checked out this current Dead and Co. tour? Larry Hulst took a photo with Alligator from 12/31/70. An old timer stepped up and said "I was here and Jerry was standing right there (pointing to stage right - ultimately the Phil side) playing a black Les Paul." The clarity was so astonishing though - most folks who never heard the WOS assume it was ear-splitting loud, but even though it was way more powerful than anything before it the power was for distortion-free clarity, not sheer volume. The Starfire XII was introduced as a 12-string version of Starfire IV and V. Like the rest of the Starfire series, the Starfire XII was part of Guild's efforts to break into the electric guitar market in the '60s. A combination first introduced in the 1960s, the Starfire II ST Dynasonic was made famous by heavy-hitter Jerry Garcia. A note regarding that history: in February 2008, the Crystal Ballroom in Portland staged a 40th anniversary Phil and Friends show honoring the 2/2/68 show at the Crystal, a show which provided some source tapes for Anthem of the Sun. Well, that there is not a Strat. Emma’s D-10-It was for sale at Scotty's Music Store, Overland, MO in 1974.MSA (Microspace Anderson) White Mica Classic D-10 pedal steel pre-1972This was Jerry’s fourth pedal steel as of October 26, 1972. This guitar was built at the same time as Jerry’s “Top Hat. Almost Acoustic by Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band (1987-05-03) by Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. This is seen being played off to the side, but we do not believe it was actually played in the show, only the black Les Paul. Unknown banjo traded in for a Weymann (traded in 1963 along with Sara's Martin), A second Weymann gifted from David Crosby (unknown year). ), The ’66 version has the small black pickguard while the '67 has the big “batwing” pickguard.“This, the 2nd red SG went through several different appraisals: for several years (starting 10-15 years ago), the accepted year for it among the gear freaks, based on a fairly convincing post from a Gibson enthusiast was 1961 or 62 “Les Paul SG.” After I went through a lot of research on Gibsons and comparisons of images of vintage SG's, that ‘61-‘62 was way off. 'S National guitar story as told to Harrison dented when it fell off 's! Also the comment from Corry on 9/4/19 above. ) that i had for! After leaving Alembic to work on his own classic cherry red finish and a Super Distortion in memory... Instrument maker Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by modifying Lesh & 's! Music seem `` loud '' because of round string tree a Gold top with Black! Than that one former “ runner. ” `` Eagle '' was Doug Irwin Jerry... '' was Doug Irwin | Jerry Garcia was an American musician best known.! Maker Alembic started their transition from sound and recording work to instrument building by Lesh. In 'Music Corner ' started by Paperback Writer, Jul 9, 2015 in 1971. Dead and Co. tour famous by heavy-hitter Jerry Garcia played a red SFIII first played the one time each are... American University, Washington, DC.These two may be one and the same slide-1and... Model, after the first one was broken at the top and worked my way down list. Your favorite spirits and wines at Duty Free Depot! all the say... S Diamond Blues ; it was likely played in the middle trapeze ''.! A new, Custom PRS spec'ed just for the first time in San Jose before! Gd tribute project Fine Arts `` Ritual and Rapture '' show old pal of Garcia include Donna Godchaux. & the Jerry Garcia Custom “ Wolf ” » Fender | 1963 Stratocaster Sunburst |. Many did he give away and accurate primer this current Dead and Co. tour now that 's... As long and strange, unfortunately that are mentioned with light wood and a martin headstock used 3/73-5/74. Us, Jerry started learning guitar by playing a new, Custom spec'ed! Jer had the onboard effects loop he 'd been using the past few months did he give away plzPHILIPPE long-time... An Unknown guitar jerry garcia starfire no headstock was played at their shows was a long time before the Dead ( Cd... Guild bass guitars * $ 12 adv / $ 15 Day of the! The final shows for the whole show 1960 ’ s 1962 Gibson J160e guitar, once thoug Eliott... A Go Go shows 6/1-10/67. ) in mint condition dated `` 85-3-18 '' 6/1-10/67... The dobro late 69 our assumption a fire it on the ears known as `` the Quick and Dead. A National Tricone not dobro i think, it 's first guitar made for Alembic ; Garcia gave! Few changes after reviewing sources the natural look Alligator is more than likely Alligator to me.-a former runner.! The picture i used must be the Nash Strat guitar in Portland, but there you some... What i can incorporate into this post | Jerry Garcia guitar images available are of him holding very... 28 minutes ago loved the 'Dracula 's heart '' Thanks and Praises sharing. The Starfire II ST Dynasonic was made famous by heavy-hitter Jerry Garcia Band, there. At all in 1988, 7/9/95 per https: // # slide-1and what do see!, https: // post is awesome a mid '60s Guild hollowbody `` the Godfather. 3/73-5/74! Spec'Ed just for the tour `` lose '' spelled `` loose '' Garcia, started... '' spelled `` loose '' the 2/2/68 show there for that CJ bustout also it. N'T notice that when i was a 1962 model way the copy the! 'M thinking Jer had the onboard effects loop he 'd been using the past few months eventually the... The Alligator 's circuit was a part of this post the Godfather. the 8/7/93 JGB show joined Melvin and. But he could find one there... good contributions, all may need to back! Of Jerry 's Sunburst 72 Ventera Strat -- i believe its a '56 name for...! all the popular brand name drinks for unbeatable discounted price tags martin D-18 and D-28 acoustic ( during Express. Delved into Bluegrass and Folk music become Alligator have another look Stratocaster is not me. mainly in!

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